SNaP® Overview

With the SNaP® Wound Care System, perfection can be found in the details. A closer look reveals the innovative features that create powerful wound therapy, without any power.

SNaP® Cartridge

SNaP wound vac, SNaP vac

  • Clinically proven negative pressure offered at 125 mmHg, 100 mmHg and 75 mmHg
  • Small, silent, lightweight design disappears under clothes
  • Proprietary spring mechanism generates consistent, even levels of pressure
  • No noisy motors, electronics or batteries to interfere with daily living
  • Visual indicator displays when cartridge is full or discharged
  • BioLock™ technology to gel exudate for improved exudate containment


SNaP® Dressing Kit

snap wound care dressing kit

  • Proprietary hydrocolloid dressing offers periwound protection and easy removal
  • Fully integrated microport enables flexibility and a tight bending radius for wounds located in difficult areas
  • Cut-to-length tubing and integrated one-way flow valve for improved safety
  • Disposable components with off-the-shelf convenience
  • Available in three sizes: 10 cm x 10 cm, 15cm x 15 cm, and 20 cm x 20cm

SNaP® Bridge Dressing

snap bridge dressing kit

  • Soft comfortable dressing with pressure points displaced away from wound to minimize further pressure damage
  • Integrated bridge and port designed for one-step application
  • Dressing is pre-assembled, no additional cutting or assembly required
  • Soft pad cushioning under bridge for improved patient comfort
  • Supplied with the SNaP® BLUE Foam interface
  • Available with SecurRingTM

Interface Layers

interface layer, SNaP Foam

  • SNaP® Wound Care Dressing Kits are available with your choice of BLUE foam or antimicrobial gauze* interface
  • BLUE foam promotes granulation tissue formation
  • BLUE foam may improve visualization of exudate and may minimize risk of leaving pieces behind

*Gauze not offered with 20 cm x 20 cm dressing kit


SNaP® Strap

SNaP wound care Strap with Cartridge or snap wound vac

  • Soft strap enables device to be conveniently and discreetly worn under clothes


SNaP® SecurRing Hydrocolloid


  • Soft and moldable hydrocolloid enables fast and easy sealing on uneven skin surfaces and wounds in challenging locations
  • Optimized tackiness increases SNaP® Dressing adhesion on dry and uneven skin
  • Formulated to absorb moisture and minimize break down
  • Designed for use with the SNaP® Wound Care System


SNaP® Ordering Info

To order call 1877-774-7228 and ask for Customer Service or email

For Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital orders, fax order to Marathon Medical at 303-339-4309 or call 303-339-4305.

SNaP® Wound Care Cartridge
Catalog Number Pressure Quantity/Case
SNPA125 125 mmHg 10
SNPA100 100 mmHg 10
SNPA075 75 mmHg 10


SNaP® Wound Care Dressing Kit
Catalog Number Size Quantity/Case Interface
SKTF10X10 10 cm x 10 cm 10 Foam
SKTA10X10 10 cm x 10 cm 10 Gauze
SKTF15X15 15 cm x 15 cm 10 Foam
SKTA15X15 15 cm x 15 cm 10 Gauze
SKTF20X20 20 cm x 20 cm 10 Foam


SNaP® Bridge Dressing Kit
Catalog Number Size/Description Quantity/Case Interface
BKTF14X11 14 cm x 11 cm 10 Foam
BKTF14X11S 14 cm x 11 cm with SecurRingTM 10 Foam


SNaP® Wound Care Accessories
Catalog Number Size/Description Quantity/Case
STPAS Small 18″, Strap 10
STPAM Medium 21″, Strap 10
STPAL Large 24″, Strap 10
SRNG10 SecurRingTM Hydrocolloid 10

Minimum order quantity = 10 for all products.