The SNaP® Difference

The SNaP® Therapy System makes a visible difference in patients’ quality of life, without being visible.

The wound care arena has recently experienced an influx of powered Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) systems that provide clinicians with a multitude of choices, each fairly similar to the next. Spiracur Inc. is breaking the mold of “me too” products by creating a new category of chronic wound management by combining the ease, simplicity and cost savings of Advanced Wound Care with the proven efficacy of NPWT.

video on the SNaP Therapy System, also known as snap wound vac and how it is used
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video about the snap wound vac and how it is used
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Patient Benefit Overview

  • Small, silent, lightweight design disappears under clothes
  • No noisy motors, electronics or batteries to interfere with daily living
  • Unrestricted mobility enables patients to move freely while actively treating their wounds with non-invasive negative pressure
  • Interferes less with overall activity, sleep and social interactions than other systems
  • Requires only 2 dressing changes per week, instead of 3

Clinician Benefit Overview

  • Continuous therapy over a 24-hour period may improve outcomes
  • Quicker dressing application time and fewer steps saves valuable clinician time
  • Allows treatment of smaller wounds at risk of turning into long-term chronic problems
  • Off-the-shelf availability eliminates the rental procurement process and allows patients to be treated at the point-of-care
  • 33% reduction in dressing changes (2 versus 3 changes per week) saves nursing time and hospital money